Now We Can Set Up a FitBomb In Your Own Facility – Automate The Process – Deposit Payments Automatically – Daily – Without Supervision Or Training – Just Like Having The Worlds 1st Health, Fitness And Anti-Aging Vending Machine In Your Own Facility…


OPPORTUNITY: We are seeking an alliance with a few key hotel owners (US only – currently) to join us in helping us to place our new totally automated, mobile application controlled FitBomb far Infrared Fitness Saunas in a few great hotels in the next couple months.


FitBomb provides Complete spa, Fitness, Detox, Anti-Aging, Beauty Enhancement Services to guests like nothing that exists.

We seek to demonstrate the demand, benefits and the profit potential.

We combine FitBomb with our patented, automated PAS system: a mobile app with the ability to converse with technology embedded in every single FitBomb.

The automation of FitBomb means there is very little need from an active management standpoint.

Thus it becomes a fitness vending machine of sorts. The only requirement from hotel personnel would be towels and cleaning service once a day or on an as needed basis.

We are heavily motivated to and would initiate an aggressive amount of advertising, PR and other exposure to fully promote your hotel as well as the FitBomb, its benefits, automation and ease of use.

The safety and massive number of benefits are quite real as evidenced by thousands of medical reports and studies; (available upon request)

This is a new product with 20 patents and 1 patent pending that has proven over and over to successfully perform several semi-miraculous fetes:


1-      It produces (proven) powerful health, fitness and therapy benefits.

2-      It generates income for those who provide access for a fee – nationwide average is $1.20 per minute.

3-      It is 100% safe – using the same technology used in hospitals incubators for keeping babies warm.

4-      Its 100% effective; even used by NASA in spaceships to stimulate cardiovascular workouts in otherwise weightless environments.

5-      It is a powerful vehicle to allow handicapped, the elderly and others with various limitations; the ability to pre-heat and safely sweat out toxins, recuperate and burn calories or build muscle at a radically quicker rate.

6-      It is a proven anti-aging tool – enhancing the users’ appearance after the very first use – Great before business meetings!

7-      It is even FDA approved for pain relief – a must use tool for many disabled veterans and others in pain


This is just a small list of the many reasons people are addicted to using FitBomb and why they seek it out and pay to use it while traveling.

Imagine your guests having access to a tool that within 20-30 minutes of just sitting will burn 600 calories or more, purge nasty brain fogging toxins, look great, fresh and thinking clear and alert.

When guests look and feel great… they will remember how they got that way and who helped them.

I look forward to doing business with you.

Contact us: 800-959-1082