Discover the Most Compelling Reasons Why Your Facility Needs A FitSauna 


For a health club to remain relevant, it is useful to stay on the cutting edge of “The Hottest” trends in health and fitness. Providing what people desire influences profit, membership growth, and sustainability.

Here are a few reasons why the FitSauna could be considered the “Hottest” attraction right now and some reasons it should be part of your growth strategy.

#1 –  PATENTED: Only Fitness Sauna Of Its Kind

    • FitSauna has 20 patents and one pending; making your facility FIRST.
    • FitSauna all members to access live-streaming videos of any workout they can imagine.
    • FitSaunas come equipped with the PASS System which coordinates with the FitPASS mobile app which allows them to find, activate and pay to use a FitSauna. Making FitSaunas the FIRST health, fitness, and therapy “Vending Machines”.
    • Each unit provides powerful and effective far infrared heat. It warms in 10 minutes and penetrates deep to the bone; making it safe for anyone (regardless of age or physical limitations) to move, gain momentum, to stimulate muscle building, fat burning and Workout Without Risk Of Injury.

#2 – FitSauna Will Attract 100’s of New Clients.

The diversity of FitSaunas features allows for dozens, even hundreds of workout routines.

    • “D” rings throughout the reinforced interior walls, support exercise bands (up to 250 pounds each).
    • Fun & Fit: Chin-up bars, stretch bars, speed bags, and yoga mats for hot yoga routines.
    • 6 1/2 ‘ and fold-out benches: Slides to center and becomes an instant bench press – or just lie back and relax – and burn 600 calories just sitting – there’s really nothing you cannot do inside.


100’s of live-streaming exercise routines are an extremely valuable attraction. Go from hot yoga to intense martial arts or resistance training in 2 seconds using the Wi-Fi touchscreen TVs inside – get tired of the routine… Change it. Add variety to your routine or focus on different muscles….


#4 – 21 BENEFITS:

Thousands of new potential clients need these results – desperately.

  • Important among the 21+ benefits is a host of very promising Anti-Aging Key to attracting an aging demographic.
  • Toxins are a primary cause of illness, obesity and inflammation. Purging toxins through sweat quickly eliminates the cause and visible signs of aging; revealing more youthful, energetic walking, talking advocates for your gym.

Short list of some of the benefits:

  1. Boost Your Body’s Ability to Grow Muscles:
  2. Increase longevity with many anti-aging benefits
  3. Stimulate Your Immune System
  4. Improve Skin Appearance
  5. Provide Stress Release
  6. Assist In Weight Loss
  7. Help Improve Endurance
  8. Speed Recovery from Over Exertion
  9. Detoxification:
  10. Enhanced Beauty
  11. Soften and Eliminate Scars
  12. Burn out Cellulite
  13. Pain Relief – FDA Aproved!!!
  14. Heal Injuries and Recover
  15. Relax and Meditate
  16. Consistent Cardio Benefits
  17. Increase Circulation and Energy
  18. Lose Weight
  19. Purge the Cause of Acne
  20. Relieve Stress
  21. Repair Your Brain: Stimulate (BDNF) Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor

#5 – Attract New clients: Including entirely new categories of members:

  • FitSauna appeals to anyone regardless of age, physical limitations or handicap – from the young strapping fighter trying to cut weight to the aging baby boomer, who first gains momentum, gets over the pain to pursue exceptional conditioning while they overcome other health issues – as needed … all without risk of injury.

FitSauna Far Infrared Saunas:

XL FitSauna

Capacity:               Sitting: 3-5 users – (with 6 ½’ bench removed: 1 to exercise in private)

The # of users in an XL per day depends on scheduling the Studio:

  • 48 users in an 8-hour day
  • 144 users during a 24-hour day
  • The XL provides a sense of privacy for many who otherwise avoid classes or group training.
  • Just sitting; warming up before or relaxing after a workout is a significant draw for 3-5 people in the XL.


Capacity:          3 users to work out to live streaming
Note: Up to a dozen have used the Studio at one time. They would not be relying on the strategically placed D rings or routines on TV. There are 3 fold-out benches allow for resting.

The # of users in a Studio per day – depends on scheduling 3 at a time:

  • 48 users in an 8-hour day
  • 144 users during a 24-hour day


There are many re-sellers of far infrared saunas. Since 2002, the market has increased as consumers learn more about the benefits, convenience and affordability.

However as an exercise in comparing the existing Chinese manufactured saunas we find very little in common. You can place infrared heaters in any room… but that does not come close to a Patented FitSauna.

The only attempt at similarity Hotworx. Previously called the Hotbox… this is an example of putting infrared heaters in a big box. Though people are willing to pay to access an infrared heated box to exercise, very limited options exist in a Hotbox compared to FITSAUNA’S.




XL FitSauna


Dimensions 7’ x 9’ Average 48” x 48” 78.3″ W x 50″ D x 77″ H


7’ W x 9’ D x 77″ H


Weight 800 lb’s 230 – 380 lb’s 900 lb’s 1875 lb’s
Patents NONE (never will have) NO Yes (20 Patents) Yes (20 Patents)
Warranty N/A VARIES LTD Lifetime LTD Lifetime
D rings – exercise bands NO NO YES YES
Speed Bags NO NO YES (1) YES (3 Fold out)
Bench NO NO YES (slide or remove 6 ½’ long) YES (3 fold out)
Stretch Bars NO NO YES (2) YES (1 – 9’ Long)
Exhaust Fans NO NO YES YES (3 exhaust fans)

Marketing Collateral

Must buy franchise NO YES YES
Training Videos YES (a few – limited by lack of features) NO YES (100’s – producing more daily) YES (100’s – producing more daily)


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