Imagine your therapy goes so well, you’re actually anxious for more – enjoying what used to be painful therapy experience.


They will …


As soon as you have them using the new, worlds only Patented Far Infrared heated FitSauna Fitness Sauna – this new therapy tool is guaranteed to reduce or even eliminate pain associated with grueling therapy sessions.


FitSauna’s far infrared heat provides the most powerful technology for deep tissue and muscle support therapy.

FitSauna invigorates users with deep penetrating heat, enabling productive muscle development exercises while effortlessly increasing flexibility and strength – making therapy sessions more productive and painless while enhancing the speed of recovery.


Proven to take the pain out and make THERAPY easy, enjoyable, and more effective –clients move, flex, and stretch more fully.


The FitSauna · Top-of-the line far Infrared heating elements: deep penetrating heat on the same microban level (9.4) as humans, makes you sweat profusely even at mild temperatures


  • Increasing blood flow to crucial body parts to expedite the healing process
  • Convenient open-spaced interior – allows more room for more functionality
  • Removable bench exposes a 360° swivel stool – supports movement for flexibility and comfort, facilitates the ability to gradually or aggressively exercise every muscle in your body
  • “D” rings strategically placed throughout the reinforced interior of the sauna
  • Exercise bands attach to “D” rings to allow users to add resistance (up to 250 pounds per “D” ring) as needed
  • Professional DVDs – Art Still, (4 time pro bowler with the Kansas City Chiefs) demonstrates how to exercise every muscle in your body
  • Attractive addition to your facility – called the Ferrari of saunas and the Nautilus of the 21st century

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