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“Introducing the new FitSauna Fitness (Far Infrared Sauna) a Compete Fitness Center, a Spa and a

Therapy Center for use in Homes


Everyone needs an edge in the very competitive real estate market – particularly for the high end category of homes. We have come up with what seems to be an ideal strategy for incentivizing both buyers and sellers. If you’re interested in getting the edge on your competition to get more listings and close more sales more quickly, then this might be perfect for you.

Introducing FitSauna Fitness sauna. We have just introduced our newest (worldwide) patented product. In short; it’s DYNAMIC, its STUNNING in appearance and it’s AMAZING and FUNCTIONAL as a complete (In-Home) health and fitness center all in the space of one sauna room.

Alternative health products are becoming a trillion dollar business. More than 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every single day. More than a trend… This is a trillion dollar boom that will continue for many years and will create many millionaires for those of you who are paying attention. There are many products that profess to provide anti-aging benefits and health benefits but nothing approaches the abundance of benefits delivered from the use of one far infrared FitSauna Fitness sauna.

Who more wants to enhance their physical conditioning, extend their vibrant existence than the affluent?

Nothing compares to the FITSAUNA fitness far infrared sauna.

In fact, there is nothing remotely similar. The FitSauna Fitness sauna is the most powerful rehabilitation, anti-aging and longevity, fitness enabling health tool on the planet providing benefits such as:

  • Anti-aging
  • Detoxification
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Development
  • Muscle Toning
  • Physical Therapy
  • Wheelchair accessible – Disabled Veteran Owned

The FitSauna Fitness sauna has been called the Ferrari of saunas and the Nautilus of the 21st century. It looks Great! And it works amazing… once you get in, the far infrared heat penetrates your muscles, cartilage and your tendons getting them hot so your work out is injury free and far more productive. Meaning you gain muscle much quicker and look younger much sooner. The FitSauna helps users Heat Shock their muscles into shape much quicker than if not pre-heated.

Unique opportunities exist for Realtors like yourself who may want to use the FitSauna Fitness Sauna as a selling tool.

  • Motivate Listings
  • Induce Prompt Closings
  • Encourage Referral Business
  • Make More Money!

FitSauna Realtor program includes the following:

  • Promotional Material: FitSauna will provide you with custom camera ready art of appropriate presentations you can use to represent FitSauna in a highly sophisticated and professional manner.
  • Huge Promotional Discounts: You can offer the FitSauna Fitness sauna to your clients at retail or at your cost – which would be nearly 50% less. Or… you can give it to them as long as the commission makes it worthwhile. If it helps close the deal, then I’m thinking this is one of the best premiums anyone will ever see.

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  • This is a solid devise, a formidable health tool that will work for your clients for a lifetime. They will enjoy the FitSauna Fitness Sauna for many years to come


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