How Did This Far Infrared Sauna Become the Beauty Secret to the Stars?

Here’s How… this new product has the capability to rebuild collagen while it’s making you sweat out toxins!  You’re also eliminating wrinkles which makes your skin tighter, clearer and vibrant sounds like a list of addictive features a star would want, doesn’t it?

After all, reversing your appearance of aging while getting tighter, clearer skin and gradually changing your appearance and reducing 20-years off the image you now see in the mirror isn’t for everybody, is it?

Hell Yeah…

Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it?

Yeah it does… but it’s not fiction

It is, however, SCIENCE!

New Infrared Sauna Puts Rocket Science to work for you

NASA started using far infrared technology in the 80s to help stimulate cardiovascular workouts for astronauts while in space. This same technology is reproduced in the Hi-Q Fitness saunas to enable you to gain the same benefits and now even much more.

Just 30-minutes in the FitSauna will have you looking in the mirror with amazement, after just one week of daily use..

Turn heads at your high school reunion

A hint of Jealousy fills the air as you walk by and hear someone in the background whisper, “she looks like a movie star.” Then that guy you had a crush on – way back then, stumbles up clumsily and nearly drools all over you… ah, sweet revenge. Success is sweet, isn’t it?


  • Detoxify – Patented far infrared heaters penetrate as deep as three inches – melt subcutaneous fat, liquefying so that acids and toxins are suspended, then excreted through sweat: as much as 20 percent of sweat is toxins.
  • Lose weight – burn up to 700 calories in one ½ hour session – just sitting on your butt – watching TV.
  • Cardiovascular – the benefits to your heart are very important. Significant increases in blood flow give you a heart healthy cardiovascular workout – even before you start working out.
  • Skin enhancement is REAL – and visible real fast. Most cases of skin hyperpigmentation even-out over as it also assists in eliminating acne and blemishes. FitSauna trigger the skin’s natural healing process. Safe for any age, skin color, and skin type.
  • The #1 anti-aging tool available, reverse years from your appearance—all in the privacy of your own home. No more abrasive chemical peels. No more disappointing anti-aging creams. No need to permanently modify your body with invasive surgeries.

Make the commitment to restore your youth, and take advantage of the FitSauna Far Infrared Sauna of your choice—for you and your family.

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  • Anti-Aging – between the far infrared heat penetrating at the speed of light, flushing out massive quantities of toxic buildup, your body initiates the process of healing, losing excess fat and purging toxins from your skin, leaving you looking younger, thinner and much more attractive.

Do you suffer from…

  • Tired, aging skin?
  • Hyperpigmentation, such as age spots, freckles, or uneven pigmentation due to sun exposure?
  • Acne and blemishes?

If so, you’ve likely tried your share of expensive chemical peels, creams, and skin treatments that dry out or damage your skin and leave you discouraged.

But what if there was a natural, healthy way to expose the beautiful, movie star skin hiding behind your current appearance?