Infrared Sauna Healing Fever

Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease.” Hippocrates

Help… I can’t stand it anymore…. Coronavirus … Coronavirus … Coronavirus

It’s everywhere…

But read below to understand why YOU don’t have to worry.

Overwhelming media coverage is scaring the bejeebies out of a majority of the population. Is it all true? Maybe.. but we need to be sure…

While we respect the reality of the negative projections, we also respect the knowledge of hundreds of years of knowing; How you boost your immune system to mitigate or even eliminate “the possibility of ever getting infected”…

Step #1: Prepare for and use a far infrared heated sauna every day – twice a day if possible.

Step #2: Supplement alkaline minerals, vitamins, vitamin C and a few other critically necessary nutrients that boost your defense capabilities…

While you aggressively sweat profusely in a FitSauna – eliminate copious amounts of toxins.

Bottom line: Free your body of obstructive toxins, boost your immune system – which will allow it to fight and resist these attacks in the future.

What exactly is a fever?

Simply put, fever is the body treating itself with heat. What happens during a fever?

An infective agent (bacteria, virus etc.) is engulfed by a part of your immune system known as a macrophage. A series of chemical reactions take place that cause the thermostat (set-point) of your body to turn down. The body perceives its normal temperature to be too low and begins to generate more heat by shivering and conserving heat by constricting the blood vessels, which limits blood flow to the skin, and by shutting down the sweating mechanism. This is what causes chills.

Because the deep penetrating nature of the heat produced by the FitSauna (98% in the FAR category on the micron scale) it artificially produces a fever in your body. This fever reaction and the ensuing (profuse) sweat production will help kill any virus while purging your body of potential deadly toxins.

When body temperature is elevated, white blood cell production, motility, and killing ability are enhanced, and antibody production is increased up to 20 times. While the fever is cranking up the body’s defenses, it is also providing an inhospitable environment for the germs.

It’s interesting to note; avid infrared sauna users rarely get sick. In fact, at world famous health retreats such as “Tree of Life” run by Gabriel Cousins, MD treats patients to daily use of far infrared saunas to help detoxify and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.

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