FitBomb can even help repair and stimulate growth of new Brain Cells.

• Using Fitbomb makes your brain function faster…
• Gives you a natural drug free “high”
• Improves attention, memory and focus
• Relieves stress, anxiety and depression
• Repairs damaged neurons, prevents brain diseases
It’s a well-known fact that detoxifying WILL increase your mental clarity. As DR., Gabriel Cousins of the Tree of Life says, “Toxins are like driving with your breaks on”. “They destroy (inhibit/stop) your mental clarity”. Consider this: the brain is made up of 70% or more fat. Toxins are stored in fat and toxins restrict efficient brain activity or stimulation.


1. BDNF; a new discovery activates the process of repairing cells in your brain when using FitBomb.

Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor – demonstrated to:

• Grows new brain cells
• Help it to function faster
• Improve memory, attention, and focus
• Prevent degenerative diseases
• Enhance the power of meditation and visualization
• Relieve anxiety and depression
• Give you a natural, drug-free ‘high’
2. Detox: Your brain is known to attract certain deadly toxins, especially heavy metals such as mercury. This creates life changing health issues. FITBOMB far infrared heat penetrates deep and hot enough to melt deep embedded fat at 104F, causing a resonant, vibrational effect that allows the release of these toxins. If you want to increase your brain capacity, clarity and energy – use this FITBOMB.